Anglo’s redundancy stunt could be unlawful action against German Creek Mine Workers

Published: 3 Oct 2016

The CFMEU Mining & Energy Division QLD District met with representatives from Anglo American on Friday. The CFMEU warned impending forced redundancies as announced by the company may represent potential adverse action against employees who have been engaged in protected industrial action under the Fair Work Act 2009.

CFMEU Mining and Energy Division QLD District Vice-President Glenn Power, said “workers have taken all steps necessary to work collaboratively with the company towards a fair and reasonable resolution, but it seems evident that Anglo was unwilling to cooperate and is trying to instead pick off the more vocal workers.

“Anglo is proposing to make up to 90 German Creek workers forcibly redundant under the disguise of ‘an unplanned delay’. This latest attack on the German Creek workers is nothing but a smoke screen for what seems to be the continued incompetence of Anglo American to manage the German Creek mine,” said Mr Power.

“Their continual attack of our members reeks of corporate greed. The workers have been accessing a workplace right by participating in planned protected industrial action since 19 August 2016 to progress their claims for a fair and reasonable enterprise agreement.

“Anglo is attempting to rort our industrial system and use protections that are in place to protect workers’ rights as ‘an unplanned delay’.

“It seems apparent that Anglo is proposing to select union activists and forcibly make them redundant whilst they continue to advertise for strike breakers through labour hire companies. This is totally unacceptable as it is, among other things, at the expense of workers, their families and the Middlemount community.

“It is un-Australian to persecute workers with potential adverse action simply for standing up for their workplace rights.

“We are seeking legal advice and we are prepared to take action to the full extent of the law to defend our members’ rights.

“We call on Anglo to immediately re-consider their position and retract their plans to deploy forced redundancies on German Creek mine workers,” said Mr Power.