Anglo advertises for new jobs while sacking local workers

Published: 7 Nov 2016

Today the CFMEU Mining and Energy Division slammed mining giant Anglo American for advertising for new casual positions at the German Creek coal mine in the same week it is expected to make 83 permanent local workers forcibly redundant.

CFMEU M&E Queensland District Senior Vice-President Mitch Hughes said it is disgraceful the company would be so insensitive as to pick off permanent workers with local families to support to replace them with cheaper outside contract labour.

“Anglo is proposing to make 83 German Creek workers forcibly redundant. It seems apparent they are targeting union activists whilst continuing to advertise for labour hire positions,” said Mr Hughes.

“It is shameful that this company is continuing to pick off workers who are standing up for their rights and conditions while advertising to replace them with vulnerable outside labour hire employees in insecure jobs.   

“The German Creek permanent workers targeted for forced sackings are local workers with families in the community; workers who have contributed years of loyal service and added millions of dollars to the company’s bottom line.

“Local workers deserve good, steady jobs, not the uncertainty of being sacked or forced into a contracting role with fewer protections.”

In the latest example of Anglo’s lack of cooperation with local workers and their families, the company has refused a request to hold an information session for the concerned families of workers undertaking protected industrial action in Middlemount.

Mr Hughes said this latest attack was a blow for workers and the community: “shifting these permanent jobs into casual, insecure contract positions will have a devastating effect on workers, their families and the community.

“These families are anxious about their futures yet the company refuses to consider their needs in good faith.

“Anglo’s continual attack on our members reeks of corporate greed. It is totally unacceptable that this company is ruthlessly seeking to further increase profits as coal prices surge again at the expense of the Middlemount community.

“They are cutting costs by forcing permanent employees onto contracts that pay lower wages, with no sick leave, no annual leave or superannuation, and without basic protections,” said Mr Hughes.