Axe lifted from the Heyfield mill

Published: 3 Jul 2017

Timber workers of Heyfield have welcomed the announcement that the Andrews Government has bought the timber mill at Heyfield.

Jane Calvert, Divisional President of the CFMEU Forestry and Furnishing Products Division said:

“Our members, their families and community will rest easier knowing that the threat of mill closure that has been hanging over their heads since January has now been lifted.

“The union has worked closely with both the Hermal Group and the Victorian Government to get this outcome. It is a bold move for a Government to buy a saw mill and a huge decision for the Hermal Group to agree to sell their asset.

“The decision is in the best interests of workers and the community but of course our work is not finished.

“We have secured an interim wood supply for the mill and we have improved the safety net for workers so we now have breathing space.

“But no matter who owns the mill it still needs a long term wood supply. We will now seek urgent talks with the Government in order to secure a future wood supply for our members across the industry in Victoria including our members at the Heyfield mill.

“CFMEU members at the Heyfield mill send thanks to all those across Victoria who have supported us and stood by us this year. On behalf of Heyfield workers, families and our communities we are deeply grateful.”