Business leaders on bloated salaries slammed for claiming introduction of a living wage would take Australia backwards

Published: 7 Mar 2019

Business leaders on bloated executive salaries have been slammed for their hypocritical claims that Opposition Leader Bill Shorten’s pledge to boost the minimum wage to a living wage “would take Australia backwards”.

Construction Forestry Maritime Mining and Energy Union national secretary Michael O’Connor said big business was once again asking workers to shoulder the load and sacrifice their need for a pay rise at the same time corporate profits continued to rise and executive salaries remained bloated.

“It’s laughable to suggest that delivering a living wage for workers to ensure they could cover their rising costs of living will somehow take Australia backwards,” Mr O’Connor said.

“The only thing going backwards in Australia right now is the pay and conditions of workers while the cost of living continues to grow.

“To hear Boral CEO Mike Kane moaning about the aspiration of workers to be able to pay their bills is pretty rich, considering Boral generated revenue of $5.87 billion dollars last year.

“We won’t be lectured about the dangers of a wage rise from an executive earning over $2.5 million dollars a year in salary and incentives.

“Mr Kane clearly doesn’t have to worry about the cost of making ends meet, but our members do.

“And they’re determined to make sure the inequality that is Scott Morrison’s legacy ends by changing the rules.

“That can only be done when we change the government.”