Cross bench can stop return to WorkChoices

Published: 29 Nov 2016

The CFMEU is calling on the cross bench Senators to reject the ABCC bill and the building code attached to it in order to stop the return of WorkChoices.

CFMEU National Construction Secretary Dave Noonan said the code undermines the Fair Work Act by black banning employers who have agreements that comply with the Fair Work Act. 

“Employers will be blacklisted because they are meeting their legal obligations under the Act.

“Employers and workers will be banned from including basic rights and conditions in agreements. 

“They will be banned from making sure that local Australians are employed before 457 visa holders.

“Ensuring the employment of apprentices will be banned.

“Limiting maximum overtime hours to ensure people are not working long, unsafe hours will be banned. 

“Limiting casualisation and ensuring job security will be outlawed and workers will be banned from seeking the assistance of their union about safety issues on site.

“It’s clear the code is nothing other than a back door attempt to undermine the Fair Work Act and to bring back WorkChoices.

Mr Noonan urged the cross bench Senators to consider these important issues that are at stake for ordinary working people. 

“If this bill is passed, employers will be punished for no other reason than their compliance with employment laws in this country – laws that the Coalition has been aiming to destroy, despite the fact that the Australian public resoundingly rejected WorkChoices.

“It’s up to the Senate to stop the return of WorkChoices through the back door and show the Australian people that they will not endanger their rights at work,” he said.