Hitachi members take action

Published: 26 Jul 2018

CFMEU Northern District members at Hitachi work in coal mines every day, but Hitachi is refusing to recognise them as mineworkers when it comes to their working conditions and entitlements.

Over 50 tradesmen across the District are taking rolling industrial action as they seek to secure conditions in their enterprise agreement in line with the people they work beside each day.

“These workers start and finish their shift in a coal mine, but Hitachi is not recognising them as mineworkers,” said District Vice President Jeff Drayton.

A proposed replacement agreement from Hitachi does not meet industry standards in key areas.

“They do not get industry long service leave, nor do they receive industry accident pay.

“They do not get six weeks of annual leave even though they work seven-day rotating rosters and are forced to work shifts of over 13 hours.

“For these reasons the members have said no to an offer from Hitachi and have decided to fight for what they deserve.

“All workers in coal mines deserve conditions that reflect their difficult and dangerous work environment.”

Industrial action including rolling stoppages will continue until Hitachi offers a fairer deal.