Independent Umpire Says GO to CFMEU MUA TCFUA Amalgamation

Published: 17 Mar 2018

“The Fair Work Commission, the independent umpire, has given us a green light to proceed to amalgamate on March 27, and that’s what we will do,” said Michael O’Connor, the presumptive National Secretary of the new Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining and Energy Union.

Early in the month the FWC approved the amalgamation of the CFMEU, the MUA and the TCFUA, setting the date of amalgamation as March 27. However, employers had appealed the decision and sought a stay on the original decision to approve the amalgamation pending the hearing of their appeal.

The decision on the stay application was handed down this morning by FWC Vice President Hatcher. The stay application was denied. The full appeal will be held on April 9.

TCFUA National Secretary Michelle O’Neil said: “The AMMA and MBA should stop wasting their members money and the Fair Work Commission’s time. Our members voted overwhelmingly to amalgamate, their democratically reached decision needs to be respected. We are getting on with the business of joining with the MUA and CFMEU and improving the lives of our members.”

Mr O’Connor said: “The full executive of the new union will meet in Melbourne on Monday March 26 to set out a detailed plan of work for the first 100 days, taking us to the inaugural Conference of our union on the Gold Coast on June 12 to 15, where nearly 400 delegates will set out a plan and direction for the next two years.”

MUA National Secretary Paddy Crumlin said: “Today we’re calling on both employers and the government to respect and accept the decision of the independent umpire. The decision to amalgamate has been overwhelmingly endorsed by our members and the FWC has, after extensive hearings, approved our amalgamation. It’s time now to move and let us do our business.”