Tim Nicholls & the LNP: Heartless. Cold. Out of touch.

Published: 9 Oct 2017

Tim Nicholls has once again proven that he is a heartless, cold and out of touch politician who only cares about protecting the big end of town.

It was revealed late last week that Mr Nicholls and the LNP was against, and would not support, Queensland State Labor’s bill to introduce much needed industrial manslaughter laws. 

Divisional Branch Secretary Michael Ravbar said, “These laws will see employers who kill or badly injure workers, because of their negligence held criminally responsible for their actions.

“By refusing to support such important and highly called for legislation just proves that the LNP Government are out of touch and just don’t care about workers or the community. Once again they have put profits before people.

“The health and safety of workers and the community is once again being put last while the LNP continue to line the pockets of their fat cat business mates. 

“The CFMEU along with members of the affected families, our members and the community as a whole have been campaigning governments for almost two decades to achieve these laws.

“In order to change the behaviour of employers, and to make the courts dish out real justice to negligent employers, these tough laws must be legislated.

“The CFMEU condemns Tim Nicholls and the LNP’s cold-hearted betrayal of Queensland workers and the community, which is why we are here this morning outside Tim Nicholls electoral office calling him out on his actions.

“This union will always take a stand and support our members and the community. We will always make sure the safety of our members and the community are a top priority, and that Governments are held to account and deliver for the majority of the people.”

Enough is enough. Make industrial manslaughter a crime!