Union backs Shorten appeal for Turnbull to intervene in Myrtleford lockout

Published: 27 Jun 2017

The CFMEU has welcomed Opposition Leader Bill Shorten’s plea for PM Turnbull to act to save the town of Myrtleford.

Workers have been locked out of the Mill by the owner for over 60 days and the workers, the community and local businesses are hurting.  

CFMEU mill workers voted last week to lift their threat of industrial action and called on Carter Holt Harvey to unlock the gates for a return to work. The company has so far refused.

Late last week the Mayor of the Alpine Shire took the unusual step of writing to both the Federal Employment Minister and to the Opposition Leader Mr Shorten seeking assistance to end the lockout and get a return to work.

CFMEU members backed the Mayor’s call and the Opposition leader immediately acted.

Ms Calvert, CFMEU FFPD Divisional President said: ;

“This is an unusual step to take but given the company’s extraordinarily pig-headed stance, we must try everything.

“Right now, the company is holding the Myrtleford community to ransom. Union members have voted to removenany suggestion of industrial action and want an immediate return to work so the community can go about its business once again. Carter Holt Harvey is refusing to let them go back to work.

“An entire community is at risk, and they now need the Prime Minister to act, and order his Employment Minister to make an urgent application to the Fair Work Commission.

“This is a classic example of just how broken our industrial laws are.”