Vale Pat Geraghty

Published: 23 Mar 2016

The CFMEU acknowledges with respect and sadness the passing of union great Pat Geraghty. 

Paddy Crumlin, National Secretary of the MUA has sent around a tribute to Pat which is reproduced below:

"Dear comrades

I am very sad to report our retired National Secretary Pat Geraghty has passed away overnight from medical complications following a heart problem last week. Our first thoughts and deepest sympathies go out to his loving family who with others have stood vigil with him at his bedside and elsewhere in preparation for his final voyage. The family wish to reach out and thank everyone for the overwhelming messages and interventions of support and wish you to know that they have found great strength and peace through that support

Pat was a remarkable person and of course will be greatly missed. We are reassured in our grief at his passing that he lived a life that brought hope, opportunity, peace, support and decency to maritime and other workers in this country and across the world. He lived his life around a determination that if you can make a contribution for the common good of anyone than do it. He did it exceedingly and thoroughly with his inimitable and indomitable humour, wisdom, compassion, humility and persistent and pervasive courage and raw toughness in the face of many adversities.

He earnt, without looking for ,the respect and admiration of national and international political, human rights, corporate and of course trade union leaders at the highest level while holding the belief and faith in him and his works from the working women and men that he unerringly and uncompromisingly represented

At a time of deep and adversarial division nationally and internationally Pat's constant commitment to peace, justice and opportunity and support for all regardless of person place and circumstance will continue to stand as a beacon for hope and focused action for those that wish to tread the same pathway and also those that are in such dire need of that leadership that delivers on that hope to so many.

Pat has completed a long journey and we wish his loving family all of the relief our deepest sympathies and condolences can bring at this time of their grief and wish deeply in some small way our  heartfelt thoughts reassure them of the great love and belief we had in Pat and all he strive for on their and our behalf

We will keep you informed of the arrangements for the funeral after talking to the family. Could you please relay the news of Pats passing to his many friends and comrades in your reach please

Vale Patrick Geraghty, family man, seafarer, trade unionist and leader,socialist and man of peace. Friend and comrade.

In unity