Victory for Myrtleford workers

Published: 13 Jun 2017

The CFMEU congratulates members at the Myrtleford Ply Mill, who have stood together for a fair go, on successfully voting down the unfair agreement proposed by their employer Carter Holt Harvey.

CFMEU FFPD Victorian District Secretary Frank Vari said:

“This has been a great win not just for the workers but for the whole community.

“A loud and clear message has now been sent to the company – they need to do the right thing by the workers and the town of Myrtleford and end the lockout.

“This defeat for the company sends a strong message from the workers that they will not back down. CFMEU members at Myrtleford are determined to get a fair and just outcome to this dispute and their resolve is demonstrated by the fact that they have now been locked out of their workplace for 50 days and have not wavered.

 “These workers should be feel immensely proud of the stand they have taken and the strength and unity of purpose they have displayed since day one.

“It is a disgrace that an employer can take unilateral action to lock out workers and deny them and their families an income. This has not just impacted these workers but the whole Myrtleford community has suffered.

“Once again it shows that our workplace laws are broken.

“We have requested an urgent meeting with the company so that the outstanding issues can be resolved.

“In addition to that, the workers have asked their Union to file an application with Fair Work Australia to bring Carter Holt Harvey back to the negotiating table and get this sorted out.

“This decision has been made by the workers – they have been crystal clear all along – they want to get back to work. The Union will be filing this application today so that life in the community of Myrtleford can return to normal.

“We expect, following the result of the ballot, that the company will return to the negotiating table with a fair offer.

“We look forward to cheering these workers back through the gates in the very near future.”